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Filmmaking 101 is an exciting new course offered by Town Square Television. Learn the techniques of filmmaking with award-winning writers and directors. This 12-week course provides a thorough introduction to digital filmmaking with hands-on training presented by experienced professionals -- and the practical experience of creating two film projects from start to finish. Each class will last 90 minutes, and will meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM. Course begins January 31.

Students will be expected to do 5-6 hours of study and project work outside of class each week. Students will be required to purchase a textbook, but there are no lab or equipment usage fees. Town Square Television Membership is included in the tuition fee, and through this, students gain access to a fully-equipped production facility.

Filmmaking 101 tuition fee: $1,295.00

Pay all at once, or in three installments.
Due February 7: $431.00
Due February 28: $431.00
Due April 3: $433.00

Note: Registered Filmmaking 101 students will not be required to attend the Introduction to Community Television class prior to the start of the course. The Introduction to Community Television class will be taught within the Filmmaking 101 course.


Dan Mundt is an award-winning writer/director. He has been working in television and film production for more than 20 years. He taught television production in the Greenlee School of Journalism at Iowa State University from 1998 to 2004. As an independent filmmaker his awards include:

  • Best Director (Long Form) - Iowa Motion Picture Awards
  • First Place, TV Narrative - Broadcast Education Association International Festival of Video and Media Arts
  • Best Screenplay (Unproduced) - Iowa Motion Picture Awards
  • Best Visual Effects, Best Editing, Best Production Design - Wild Rose Independent Film and Video Festival

Kimberly Blackford is the producer/director of "Girl Talk," for which she has earned multiple Emmy nominations and has won a national NATOA Government Programming Award. She is also an Apple-certified Final Cut Pro instructor.

Shawn Vougeot is the producer/director of "Amp It Up," for which she has earned her first Emmy nomination. She also owns and operates her own video production company.

OFFICE HOURS: 5-6 PM, Tuesdays and Thursdays or by appointment. At least one instructor will be available for an hour after each class to meet with students for discussion of projects.



A screenplay is a specific kind of writing for a specific purpose. Learn the basics of visual storytelling. Learn how to properly format a screenplay. Learn how to write compelling action and interesting dialogue. Learn how to write for a small budget.

Camera Operation

"A" is for Automatic, and is also for "Amateur." "M" is for manual and also for "Master." Become a master of the camera by learning to use manual settings. Learn about exposure, white balance focus and depth of field. Learn about composition for camera placement.


High-quality sound recordings don't happen by accident. Learn how to use professional microphones to capture the best possible audio.


Learn the fundamentals of Final Cut Pro non-linear editing with Apple-certified staff. Final Cut Pro is a powerful editing tool; learn how to use it to expand the scope of your films.


Lighting is about making a scene convey the feeling required by the type of story you are telling. Should the scene look warm and happy? Dark and mysterious? Learning to light well is one of the most important skills a filmmaker can have. Filmmaking 101 will provide a detailed, real-world approach to teaching the techniques of lighting.


The director must know how to take the written page and translate it into a scene within a film. Learn how to work with actors, how to turn the written scene into a series of shots and how to arrange each shot so it can be edited seamlessly into a sequence of shots.


Students will participate in all aspects of the production of two short films; the final project will be submitted to one or more film festivals. These projects can be used by the student to begin building a video résumé.

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