Our Channels

14 - Community Channel

Community programs focusing on the seven-city area, including Insight 7 news magazine, Game of the Week high school sports coverage, memorial celebrations, performances, concerts, parades, graduations and many other LOCAL special events. (24 hours a day!)

15 - Public Access Channel

Programming is produced and/or submitted by LOCAL individuals and organizations. (Satellite filler is Pentagon Channel.)

16 - Multifaith Access Channel

Faith-focused programs produced and/or submitted by LOCAL individuals or organizations. (24 hours a day!)

18 - Government Channel

LOCAL government meetings for the cities of Mendota Heights and West St. Paul, and Dakota County - plus community affairs, military, and environmental programs. (Satellite filler is Classic Arts Showcase music videos.)

19 - Government Channel

LOCAL city government meetings for the cities of Inver Grove Heights and South St. Paul. (Satellite filler is the NASA Channel.)

20 - Education Channel

Educational programs and LOCAL school board meetings - all relating to the K-12 schools and students in Northern Dakota County. (Satellite filler is Deutsche Welle.)

21 - Community Bulletin Board

Free bulletin board listings of non-commercial events and activities for non-profit organizations in Northern Dakota County, including program schedules for Town Square Television's other six channels.

Quick Survey

Which of the following Town Square Television community channels do you watch the most?

Community Ch 14

Public Access Ch 15

Multifaith Access Ch 16

Government Ch 18 & 19

Education Ch 20

Community Bulletin Board