A Tribute to Bill Wolston... A Dakota County Treasure

Historian Bill Wolston has been bringing local history to life for more than two decades with his highly regarded series, 90-Seconds of Local History. Learn about the making of the program, and hear from local leaders about the importance of Bill's work.

Order a copy of "A Tribute to Bill Wolston... A Dakota County Treasure" for only $24.00

Looking Back at Local History Boxed Set

The special box set contains five DVD discs with 18 half-hour episodes - a total of 205 history segments. Box sets are available by credit card or check at www.townsquare.tv for $50 ,or by cash or check at the Town Square Television Studio. Box sets will also be available at th Dakota County Historical Society gift shops in the Lawshe Memorial Museum and LeDuc Historic Estate in Hastings.

Order a copy of the Box Set for only $50.00

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