This page is a resource where public access users and producers and members of the public will find commonly used Town Square Television forms and documents. All documents are print-friendly PDF files.

Cablecast Request Form

Use this form to submit programs for Public Access Channel 15 and Multifaith Access Channel 16.

Tape/DVD Order Form

Use this form to order VHS tape or DVD copies of your favorite shows by U.S. mail, paying by check. (Credit Card/PayPal orders are available by clicking "Order Shows" above.)

Membership Form

Use this form to renew memberships, or take out new memberships.

Community Bulletin Board Channel 21 Message Form

Use this form when submitting non-commercial messages for Community Bulletin Board Channel 21.

Town Square Television Policies and Procedures

These Public Access Policies and Procedures govern our public access operation.

Cable Television Franchise Agreement

This is the Franchise that NDC4 enforces with Comcast. Each of our seven member cities have passed this Franchise in the form of a city Ordinance. It is NON-EXCLUSIVE, meaning that other cable TV providers could also apply for Franchises in our seven-city area.

Quick Survey

Which of the following Town Square Television community channels do you watch the most?

Community Ch 14

Public Access Ch 15

Multifaith Access Ch 16

Government Ch 18 & 19

Education Ch 20

Community Bulletin Board